Learning a new language is always a challenge, but it is much more difficult when we cannot practice it frequently. That is why the University of Bayreuthnow has an exclusive license of a new matching program, matorixmatch, to match tandem partners more efficiently!

How does it work? 

Let's say you are studying German and a German student is studying your mother tongue.  The program now matches the two of you so the German student can help you practicing German, while you can help the German student to study your mother tongue.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking <<HERE>>.


Instruction for signing up: (since the website is in German)

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Click on "Zur Registrierung"
  3. Choose "Studierende(r) der UBT" if you are a student at University of Bayreuth, otherwise choose "extern".
  4. Enter your email, password, tick the box and klick on "Zugang anfordern". You will then get an email from matorixmatch@uni-bayreuth.de that includes a link.
  5. Sign up by clicking on the link from the email and fill out the forms at "Meine Daten" and "Matching".
  6. After you also filled out the questionnaire click on "unwiderruflich teilnehmen" to submit your application and submit with "JA".

The instructions can also be found here.

More information is provided on the website of the Language Centre Uni Bayreuth (in German).