The buddy programme for the Winter Semester 2021 is open! 
Everyone who signed up for the orientation week of Welcome Services will get an invitation to the buddy programme. Please follow the link and the instructions in the email! :)



What is the buddy programme?

The first weeks in a foreign country are often the hardest: you don't know the new city, the country and the people so well.

That's why there's THE BUDDY program from ESN. We will assign you a student from Bayreuth, your Buddy, who will support you a little in the first weeks in Germany. For example, your buddy can show you the city, introduce you to German student life, or help you with organizational matters.

Who will be my buddy?

Our buddies are students of the University of Bayreuth who are interested in getting to know people from all over the world and would like to help international students settle into Bayreuth. All Buddies are volunteers! Depending on the number of registrations, you may also share your Buddy with other international students.

What happens after I register?

To register, simply fill out the form below. Based on this information, we will then assign you a buddy that is as suitable as possible. Once we have made the allocation, we will send you and your buddy each other's contact details by email. This will be the case before the lecture starts.

You should then contact each other. Maybe you already have a few questions where your buddy can help you? At the beginning of the semester there will also be a buddy evening, where all international and German buddies will meet. Here you will meet your buddy in person if this has not already happened by then.

NOTE: We usually receive more applications from international students than the number of buddies available in Bayreuth. We cannot therefore guarantee that we will find a buddy for you. In this case, the people who signed in first are also assigned first.


If you have questions you can always contact us via FacebookE-Mail or Instagram.