ESN Card Example

ESNCards - Now also available in Bayreuth!

Purchase your own ESNCard now and benefit form the various deals and discounts in Bayreuth as well as in Europe. Further information will be announced shortly.

The ESN Card

The ESNcard is an ESN membership card, which means that it provides access to all services and services offered by ESN and our partners.

The ESNCard brings you to the benefit of many discounts (accommodation, travel, sports, food, bars and much more) throughout Europe. In addition, you get the opportunity to participate in numerous events (excursions, cultural events, parties and much more) all year round.

The aim of the ESNCard is to support international students and to give opportunities to make their stay better.

Who uses the ESNCard?

The ESNCard is used by more than 120,000 people per year in 41 countries, with numbers increasing year on year. You will receive your ESNCard if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • You are currently an exchange student
  • You are a volunteer at ESN


How do I get the ESNCard?

The ESNCard is sold in all countries where ESN sections are present. All ESN sections are non-profit organizations.

You will receive your ESNCard exclusively from your ESN section (ESN Bayreuth).

ESNCard Design

All ESNCards look the same on the front. The back was redesigned in 2019 to better integrate the logos of the partners.

How much does the ESNCard cost?

The ESNCard costs 7€.