Where are the locations of most of our events?

We are collaborating with the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG), the Evangelische Studentengemeinde (ESG) as well as the Friedenskirche Bayreuth that provide the locations for most events. Here we will quickly introduce our partners and their location in Bayreuth so you can find your way there.

KHG - Katholische Hochschulgemeinde:

Hospitable - international - catholic - directly next to the campus

The KHG is the hospitable location of the catholic church next to the campus. It is an open location for meetings, celebrations and education. The central value of us is the invunerable dignity of every single person independent of religion, culture or nationality.

Where?        Emil-Warburg Weg 17 (next to the campus)


ESG - Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde:

Everyone is heartly welcome!

The ESG offers a room for encounters and conversations, projects and activities, singing and celebrating, God and the world, heart and soul and everything that's important for you. We are looking forward to meeting people of every religion and philosophy of life. 




ESG -     Richard-Wagner Straße 24 (in the city centre)


Some events are also taking place in the Friedenskirche Bayreuth - thanks for cooperation!

FK -     Friedenskirche Bayreuth - Friedensstraße 3 (neben dem Campus)