The buddy programme will be organised with the tool matorixmatch from the University of Bayreuth. You can sign up as a helper by registering here with your UBT credentials:

If you encounter problems you will find an instruction pdf document attached below.

We are looking forward for you as buddy mentors in the summer term 2021!
Feel free to contact us for any questions :)


What is the ESN Buddy Programme?

Anyone who has ever spent a long time abroad knows that the first weeks in a foreign country and in a new environment are often the most difficult.

The aim of the programme is therefore to provide international newcomers with some orientation and support in the initial phase of their stay. In addition, intercultural exchange between people from all over the world will also be promoted. For this purpose, we assign one or two international students to each participant from Bayreuth. These are your buddies! The Buddy program is aimed at all those who study at the University of Bayreuth (also international program and exchange students who have already spent a semester here).

What can I expect as a buddy mentor?

The goal of the Buddy program is to make it easy for your buddy to settle into Bayreuth and bring german student life and culture a little closer to him. There is no fixed structure from our side.

For example, how to help your buddy:

- Contact by e-mail before your Buddies arrives in Bayreuth
- Organize the property's keys
- Pick up on arrival in Bayreuth (station) and bring to the accommodation
- Contact person for e.g. Administratives, Uni, Stadt & Everyday
- bring the culture and hospitality of Germany closer
- Inclusion in your own leisure activities

Please note that the Buddy program is not a pure language tandem program! Common language skills between you and your future buddy naturally play a role in the allocation, but the first thing to do should be to make it easier for the newcomers to settle into Bayreuth: regardless of their nationality. And who knows: Maybe you will get to know a whole new language! If you just want to train your language skills, the different language master tables are recommended as well as the Tandem Programme.

How do I get my buddy?

Based on the information from your registration, we will then assign you a buddy that is as suitable as possible. As soon as we have made the allocation, we will send you each other's information and contact details by e-mail. This will be the case before the lecture starts. As soon as you receive your Buddies' contact details, you should contact him/her email. Your Buddy may already have some questions to help him/her. You should also ask for the date of arrival and arrange a first meeting. Most international students arrive in Bayreuth in the two weeks before the start of the lecture.

Depending on when your Buddy arrives, it would be nice if you are already in Bayreuth during this time, so that you can assist your Buddy at the beginning of their stay. However, if you are not there yet, this is not a problem. Right at the beginning of the semester there is a buddy evening, where all international and German buddies come together. At the latest here you will meet your Buddy and can also contact other participants!


If you have questions you can always contact us via E-Mail, Facebook or Instagram.