+++ Let´s play werewolf +++

Do you miss those card and board game evenings with your friends? Our ESN volunteers strongly felt they had to come up with a solution - an online Werewolf game night. Join us for an exciting opportunity to engage with the notorious wolf pack and villagers equipped with game-changing skills of various kinds.

Get ready for our Werewolf game night. 🐺

What is Werewolf?

"Werewolf is a social deduction game that models a conflict between an informed minority (the werewolves), and an uninformed majority (the villagers). At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams. The game has two alternating phases: first, a night role, during which the werewolves may covertly kill the villagers; and second, a day role, in which surviving players debate the identities of players and vote to eliminate a suspect. The game continues until a faction achieves its win condition; for the village, this means eliminating the werewolves, while for the werewolves this means reaching numerical parity with the village and eliminating the villagers." (Wikipedia)

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11/11/2020 - 20:00
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