The UEFA European Football Championship is starting soon and you want to watch Germany playing against other countries with public viewing? This is your chance to sign up and enjoy a game of soccer with a cold drink on a summer evening.

There are three soccer games:

  1. Tuesday, 15.06., 21:00 - Germany France
  2. Saturday, 19.06., 18:00 - Germany Portugal
  3. Wednesday, 23.06., 21:00 - Germany Hungary

You can choose which games you want to join, please sign up here so we can reserve the Biergarten seats

There will be the possibility to place a bet of 5 € on each game. You can indicate whether you want to participate in betting or not in the sign-up form.

See you there!

Your ESN Bayreuth

15/06/2021 - 21:00
19/06/2021 - 18:00
23/06/2021 - 21:00